a microgrant for comics journalism by writers of color

February 2018’s Harpy Agenda recipient is Priya Huq, writing at Women Write About Comics

First, we’re back. We are pleased to announce that J.A. Micheline is joining our administrative team.

Second, we are awarding February 2018’s microgrant to Priya Huq, for her article “CB CEBULSKI‚ÄôS ASIAN MASK: WHY THE ANGER?” published on Women Write About Comics. It was a deep analysis of the issues surrounding the Marvel Editor in Chief’s masquerade as a Japanese writer in 2004, addressing the systemic bias against acknowledging marginalization in the comics industry, and providing a platform for several other PoC voices on the issue.

We are also very interested in writer voices outside the usual comics journalism and criticism circles, especially those from working cartoonists and comic creators(who are speaking regardless of the risk to their careers), and deeply appreciate the way that Women Write About Comics actively solicits these works.


Taneka Stotts says –

It has been my pleasure to see Harpy Agenda reborn in today’s comics landscape at a time we’re all just trying to survive through. I hope this can serve as a small celebration of those who strive to have a voice and give insight into what we’re all thinking silently behind our keyboards. Critical voices are vital to our communities and will foster support to help us grow stronger and to boost awareness of these issues we all face. Priya’s piece excelled at reminding us why Harpy Agenda was formed and what it will continue to support.


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