a microgrant for comics journalism by writers of color


Can we nominate a writer?

Yes! See our Nominate page for details.

Who is eligible for this microgrant?

Any writer that identifies as a person of color. While we are often predisposed to work that discusses complex and intersectional issues of race, feminism and queerness, we are open to any topic that is relevant to comics.

But I don’t have a publisher…

There are many blogs and websites that do incredible work, but do not have the resources to offer much pay. We recommend you find an interesting outlet to pitch to.

We have also chosen to take a very liberal definition of “publisher,” which can include personal websites and blogs, including Tumblr posts. We do recommend that your blog/website be generally thematically appropriate and focused.

What are writers expected to do with the grant money?

It’s a no-strings-attached grant.

Can I donate to the microgrant program?

We’re working that out. We’re not, and are unlikely to be, a registered non-profit, and will remain funded via personal, individual, contributions for the foreseeable future.

Further questions? Feel free to reach out to Shing Yin Khor at shingkhor[at]gmail, or on Twitter at @sawdustbear.

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