a microgrant for comics journalism by writers of color


Any comics criticism or journalism work by a person of color is eligible for the Harpy Agenda microgrant.

We are interested in articles that call out queerbaiting, sexism, racism(and all the specific subgroupings of racism – exoticism, noble savages, orientalism and more), misogyny, homophobia, trans-exclusion, and more in comics. We want work literate in social justice vocabulary. We want to read work by writers angry about the inequality they see in the world casually and unthinkingly reflected in their favourite medium.

We want to encourage and promote the work of writers who champion diversity in comics, who love sharing their work they want to see in the world, who are actively working toward a landscape of comics where they feel respected and at home.

How to Nominate:

You may nominate your own work, or someone’s else’s. Articles that are, or will be, compensated by the publisher are still eligible for the grant.

All nominations will be kept on file and will be considered in the future; it is unnecessary to submit an article more than once. We are also open to alternative forms of comics journalism, such as podcasts, comic essays, or videos.

Submissions are reviewed by a rotating panel of fellow writers of color and comics critics, organized by Shing Yin Khor, Taneka Stotts and J.A. Micheline.

A minimum of one grant recipient, who will be awarded $100 for a piece of their writing, will be announced every month.

To submit, please fill out the following form.



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