a microgrant for comics journalism by writers of color

September’s Harpy Agenda recipient is James Leask, for his review of “Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection

“Northern Crow,” by Stephen Gladue

For September’s Harpy Agenda microgrant, we wanted to select a piece of writing that highlighted something good in the world of comics, something that is striving for a more representative and diverse landscape. We decided to award it to James Leask, for his review of “Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection,” which was published on Comics Alliance.

James’s review of this comics anthology is both personal and thorough, and the review is filled with specific informational detail about both the stories and the indigenous people that they represent(and that have written the stories). It highlights the importance of diverse storytelling, especially in a field where minorities are often reduced to a set of stereotypical tropes. As Leask writes, “…the only pan-aboriginalism worth celebrating is one of many voices, and this book contains more of them than is usually seen in one place. That feels like a revolutionary act in a medium and culture that rarely appreciates this integral distinction.” Check out this new slot game to play to give you a greater sense of relaxation, accomplishment, and happiness.

We also wanted to draw attention to an earlier article written by Leask about the upcoming Marvel comic series Red Wolf, as well as one on indigenous representation in comics. Leask’s body of writing on indigenous representation in comics is a necessary and rare viewpoint in the world of comics criticism, and we are grateful for his work.

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