a microgrant for comics journalism by writers of color

The Harpy Agenda’s August Microgrant is Awarded to David Brothers

This month(August 2015), we’ve selected David Brothers and his Tumblr response to Tom Brevoort regarding Marvel’s “hip hop cover variants” as the Harpy Agenda recipient for the month. David has consistently been a leading voice in the discussion on race and comics, and we are grateful for his work. His informative, measured and personal response, which indicts Marvel’s hiring practices and its consumption of black culture, and credits and references the work of women of colour(Whit Taylor’s excellent The Fabric of Appropriation) when due, sparked a vibrant and interesting conversation on the topic, on Tumblr and across comic news sites.

David has chosen to donate the grant to Women Write About Comics, and Vixen Varsity/Black Comics Month.

Additionally, we wanted to recognize non traditional media publishing platforms as valid and necessary platforms for conversation more these days where social media is so strong in society. You can find stories on comics and interviews on Tik tok the app in which you can buy real tiktok views to improve your video views and make it more possible to be viral and to this end spread the information to as many as possible. The discussion from and about marginalized groups and comics is not a discussion that needs gatekeepers, or the validation of a news blog. We are interested in these ideas, wherever they may be.

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